b'Specialized colleges Get ready for the ACTSpecialized colleges offer programs tailored to specific The ACT is a content-based admissions test thatgroups or fields of study. Examples include: measures your knowledge of subjects learned in high Arts colleges, such as The University of the Arts. school. For more information on the ACT, visit Minority-serving institutions, which include Historicallywww.actstudent.org.Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), such asPractice, practice, practice Lincoln University. Use the summer to familiarize yourself with the test Womens colleges, such as Bryn Mawr College. format, review key concepts, and build your confidence. Religiously affiliated colleges and universities,The following resources and strategiessome of whichsuch as Gwynedd Mercy University,Saint Josephshave a cost, while others are freewill help you maximizeUniversity,and Holy Family University.your score: Purchase or borrow a test prep book. Make sure that it is a recent publication and covers the recent versions STEP 3: Prepare to Take of the SAT/ACT. the SAT and/or ACTExplore test prep classes. Ask your school counselor or search online to find a suitable course. The cost of Read pages 27-30 of the Guide and look through these programs may vary significantly, so research the SAT and ACT feature on the SUTC mobile app. carefully. Two options include: Kaplan Test Prep: www.kaptest.comSome colleges require standardized test scores as aThe Princeton Review: www.princetonreview.comcomponent of your application package. Use the summerCheck out online test prep services. There are a variety months to prepare to take the SAT and/or ACT. of online courses to choose from, which may cost less Register for the SAT and/or ACTthan classroom courses:Even though most institutions have adopted test-optionalACT: http://www.actstudent.org/onlineprepadmissions policies, rising seniors should still plan onCollege Board: https://satonlinecourse. taking the summer SAT and/or early fall ACT exam.collegeboard.orgYou can always choose whether or not to submit thesePetersons: www.petersons.com/testprep/scores, and adhering to these dates will ensure you areTake advantage of free test prep resources:eligible for Early Decision/Early Action deadlines beginningKhan Academy: www.khanacademy.org/satNovember 1 st . Students often perform better on one testNAVIANCE Test Prep: (for schools that usethan the other, so taking both is highly recommended.NAVIANCE Family Connection)Visit the College Boards website for information about SATNumber2: www.number2.comregistration and test score deadlines: https://sat.collegeBuild your vocabulary by learning five new words daily. board.org/register. Visit the ACT website for information Use flashcards or websites with word lists, such as about deadlines: www.act.org. www.majortests.com/word-lists/.Please note: Please follow the SAT and ACT websitesOrganize a summer study group with friends. closely for rescheduled dates or delays due to the Meet weekly to stay motivated.COVID-19 pandemic.Take multiple practice tests. To imitate the test-taking process, time yourself and take multiple practice tests. Free practice tests are readily available: https://sat.collegeboard.org/practice/sat-practice-test www.khanacademy.org/sat www.act.org; select Test Prep'