b'STEP 4: Do Fit Research STEP 5: Plan for College VisitsRead pages 14-15 of the Guide and check out the Read page 22 of the Guide and check out theFind Your Fit feature on the SUTC mobile app. College Visits feature on the SUTC mobile app.Watch the video The Right Fiton The best way to decide if a school is the right fit for youwww.youtube.com/StepUptoCollege. is to visit. Prepare carefully over the summer to ensure youSelecting the college that is the best fit for yougain the most from every college visit experience. If you academically, socially, and financiallywill be the key are able to tour a college campus in person, you may want to your success. Take time over the summer to do fit to take the opportunity to do so; however, there are still research and find the schools that are right for you. virtual options available due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual visits are a great way to take advantage of traveling Identify the right fit for youto far away places without having to leave your home.Determine the factors that are important to you in a At the beginning of the summer: college by completing the Find Your Fit worksheetCheck out college admissions offices online. Look for on page 20 of the Guide and on the SUTC mobile app. links such as book a visit, campus visit, or information Research colleges in depth sessions to register for tours and open houses.Fit research is thorough, investigative research that Please note: In-person college visits are still beinguncovers the academic, social, and financial characteristics affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Check with theof a college. There are a number of online resources to college admissions office for up-to-date information.help you: The week before you visit: College Greenlight, www.cappex.com/greenlight, Prepare the questions you will want to ask. Review searches for and offers fly-in programs, scholarships,the Questions to Ask on a College Visit activity on and summer opportunities with financial aid. page 23 of the Guide. The option to enter notes intoBig Future by the College Board, the SUTC mobile app is available.https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/, profiles colleges If in-person, print the schedule for your visit and and sets up searches based on your choices. a campus map. College Navigator, https://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/, Plan what you will wear. Remember, you will be making searches for colleges based on your preferences. an impression on college officials, so dress appropriately,Im First, www.imfirst.org/colleges, searches for andeven if you are visiting virtually. If in-person, be sure offers profiles of colleges that support first-generation-to wear comfortable shoes, as you are likely going to to-college students. do a lot of walking and standing. College websites offer specific details about all aspects of fit. Most colleges have social media pages you canDuring your visit:follow. Many offer student blogs that provide different Take notes during your tour.perspectives about campus life and programs.Talk to current students if possible.Complete the Philadelphia Futures Fit FormIf in-person, enjoy the campus. Eat in the dining Once you have narrowed your search, begin exploring hall or student center, and walk around the university which schools will be the best fit for you. Complete the campus and the surrounding community.Fit Form on pages 24-25 of the Step Up to College Guide After your visit:and on the SUTC mobile app for each school to whichyou are considering applying. When completed, the Fit FormWrite down your impressions after touring each school, will help you determine whether the college is a good and enter your notes into the SUTC mobile app for academic, social, and financial fit. later reference. Send a thank you email to the admissions officeto demonstrate interest.'