b'STEP 6: Begin thePenn State University: https://admissions.psu.edu/ Application Process apply, also available via The Common Application. Temple University: https://admissions.temple.edu/Read pages 12-13 and 26-38 of the Guide and check apply, also available via The Common Application. out the Resum feature on the SUTC mobile app.University of Pittsburgh: https://oafa.pitt.edu/applyWatch the video UnderstandingBefore applying to college, learn more about The College: Admissions Types on Common Application by visiting www.commonapp.org www.youtube.com/StepUptoCollege. and www.commonblackcollegeapp.com, which enables you to apply to multiple colleges using the same Get a head start on your college applications. Preparing application form, resume, and essay. The Common App a strong application takes time, hard work, and attention for admission in 2021 will be available in August.to detail. Generally, there are four options for college Create your resum admissions. The option you select will impact when your A resum is a one-page document that outlines yourapplication is due, when you find out if you are selected, education, skills, and achievements; it will be a componentand your ability to choose a college based on how much of your college application. See pages 12-13 in the Guidefinancial aid it offers. Learn more on page 31 of the Guide.for instructions on preparing, writing, and formattingUnderstand your college admissions options your resum. Complete the Build Your Resum activity Applying Regular Decision will allow you to applyon the SUTC mobile app and view a sample resum.to as many schools as you like and to compareaid packages. STEP 7: Begin to Draft Your Rolling Admissions applications are evaluated ona first-come, first-served basis until the school fillsApplication Essayits first-year class. This options also allows you to apply to as many schools as you like and to compare financialRead page 35 of the Guide and check out theaid packages. Application Essay feature on the SUTC mobile app. Early Action allows you to apply earlier toand hearYour college application essayalso referred to as yourback sooner fromyour first-choice colleges. Earlypersonal statementwill be a central component of yourAction is non-binding, meaning it does not commitapplication. This is your opportunity to express who you areyou to attend the school, but it does tell the school thatbeyond your grades and test scores. Take time this summeryou are interested. to brainstorm your topic and start the writing process. Early Decision is an option reserved only for the school you are certain is your best fit and promises that youChoose the right topicwill attend this college if admitted. Given the bindingSelect a topic that allows you to convey your uniquenessnature of Early Decision, make sure the college is theas an applicant and ties your personal characteristics,right financial fit. Remember, no college is your dreamachievements, and experiences to your potential contributionschool if you cannot afford to go there. as a college student. Your personal statement must convinceBecome familiar with the application the admissions officer that you are a good candidate forprocess for each of your preferred schools the institution. Be yourself and use the language that feelscomfortable to you. Find the complete list of 2022-2022 If you plan to apply to Community College of Philadelphia,Common App essay prompts at www.commonapp.org.explore the online application at www.ccp.edu. Do your best work If you plan to apply to a Pennsylvania state university,Your essay must also demonstrate your writing skills,visit www.passhe.edu to review applications for allso it should be thoughtfully organized, well-written,state universities. and carefully proofread. Complete the Brainstorm If you plan to apply to a Pennsylvania state-relatedand Write Your Essay activity on page 36 of the Guide university, visit the schools website for applications: for help getting started.'