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Inveniam Equity Internship Program Expands in Second Year, Accelerated by $1M Leadership Gift

Inveniam Equity Internship Event at the University of Pennsylvania

Steppingstone Scholars (Steppingstone) today announced the selection of 20 college students for its Summer 2022 Inveniam Equity Internship Program. The internship program was launched as a pilot program in Summer 2021 under Steppingstone’s Inveniam, a first-of-its-kind STEM equity and innovation lab with Penn Engineering. Through summer internships, financial services firms partner with Steppingstone to provide critical opportunities, professional access, education, experience and sponsorship for Black and Brown college students interested in pursuing careers in underrepresented industries, including private equity, investment management and venture capital.

This second cohort of 20 Inveniam Equity Interns more than doubles the number of participating students from its pilot year. Steppingstone’s ability to scale and expand this program was facilitated by a transformational gift of $1 million from Hirtle, Callaghan & Co (Hirtle Callaghan), a long-time partner to the educational non-profit. As Steppingstone’s Founding Inveniam Equity Corporate Partner in Financial Services, this generous investment specifically supports Steppingstone staff growth; pre-college and college-level courses for Scholars focused on general business, finance, and investment management; expansion of the current Inveniam Equity Internship program; creation of a high school internship program; and the development of programs to educate and encourage high school students to apply to college as business/finance majors.

More importantly, Hirtle Callaghan’s investment sends an important message to its industry that change will not happen without risk, innovation, and long-term dedication to creating pathways for students being left out from professional opportunities. With Hirtle Callaghan’s leadership – and its strong encouragement of other professional services firms – Steppingstone will match its 20 Inveniam Equity Interns with opportunities this summer at the following companies:

  • Dakota
  • FS Investments
  • Hamilton Lane
  • Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.
  • Janney Montgomery Scott
  • PNC
  • SEI
  • Vanguard

“We are thrilled to support the critical work that Steppingstone is doing to combat inequality and create durable pathways to a career in financial services,” said Jonathan Hirtle, Founder and Executive Chairman of Hirtle Callaghan. “Great firms work hard to access great talent, always and everywhere. The leading investment and financial services organizations in the Philadelphia region are coming together to build an effective pipeline into the diverse talent in our community. This is a beginning, a call to action for our industry. We must do more, and we can do it better together.”

The program will kick off in late May when all Inveniam Equity Interns will attend a “Prep Week” at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Following Prep Week, all interns will have a paid work experience, including one-on-one coaching and other structured guidance from senior leaders at their respective firms. The participating firms will set individual agendas, hands-on projects, and unique goals for each intern. From its inception, a key differentiator of the Inveniam Equity Internship is its focus on sponsorship and not just mentorship. The active engagement and guidance of senior leaders in helping young employees to navigate work and organizational culture has proven to be critical in job and industry access and opportunity.

Steppingstone is proud to announce its 2022 Class of Inveniam Equity Interns (In alphabetical order by last name):

  1. Dawud Alexander, Temple University, Hirtle Callaghan
  2. Daniel Calderon Andrade, Temple University, SEI Tech and Investments
  3. Ibrahima Bah, Temple University, Hirtle Callaghan
  4. Derrickah Brown, Dickinson College, FS Investments
  5. Anaya Cherry, Drexel University, FS Investments
  6. Siani Cook, West Chester, Dakota
  7. Jalen Gopie, Sacred Heart University , Hamilton Lane
  8. Jade Harris, Temple University, Janney
  9. Cobree Hooper, Lincoln University, Hamilton Lane
  10. Musarrat Hossain, Temple University, Vanguard
  11. Mahmoud Ibrahim, Temple University, SEI Tech and Investments
  12. Saleh Ibrahim, Temple University, Hirtle Callaghan
  13. Brandon Jasmin, Temple University, Vanguard
  14. Sean Johnson, La Salle University, Janney
  15. Pamela Bonifacio Lara, Temple University, Dakota
  16. Raul Mendoza, Temple University, FS Investments
  17. Demetryah Monk, Temple University, PNC
  18. Nneka Nwosu, Temple University, FS Investments
  19. Massiel Del Orbe, Albright College, PNC
  20. Terrick Whitters, Albright College, Hirtle Callaghan

“The Inveniam Equity Internship Program is about providing students with opportunities that will spur professional growth and be a real catalyst for economic mobility,” said Chris Chaplin, the recently appointed Inveniam Program Director, who brings more than 15 years’ experience as an educator, program manager, and postsecondary advisor to Steppingstone. “With the intense, collegial partnership of Philadelphia-based financial services firms, we can accelerate the expansion of this program by developing new relationships and high-level professional experiences for future internships while also connecting with high school students to highlight financial services as a real pathway for them to pursue.”

Firms and/or students interested in learning more about the Inveniam Equity Internship Program are encouraged to contact us at heights.org/contact