Heights Graduation Celebration Honored 500+ Students 

Many Black, Brown, and first-gen scholars don’t have the academic support to persist or perform the way their peers do. They live in poverty at rates nearly three times higher than the national average. Half don’t graduate high school — and those who do see lower wages and less college completion.

But Heights Philadelphia has proven students can achieve their goals with better educational resources and caring community support. They have the potential — we help untap it, showing them new pathways to success.        


of Heights middle school students persist to high school


of Heights high school students graduate high school


of Heights graduates are employed at a full-time job, enrolled in graduate school, or committed to a yearlong service program within six months

Statistics reflect cohorted students among Philadelphia Futures and Steppingstone Scholars. “Internships” include field work, research, clinical rotations, and other career-related experiential learning activities.

Multiple pathways, one direction: forward.

Economic mobility looks different for every student. That’s why Heights provides personalized programming for all youth served. That can mean grade-specific advising, summer programming, internship opportunities, or financial support.

Heights Philadelphia middle school student

It doesn’t end at graduation, or on the first day of work. Heights Philadelphia is a network of future-focused staff and alumni constantly helping participants succeed through life.

Untapping real potential

Heights works with over 3,000 Philadelphia students to achieve one goal: improve access to help them believe in, and achieve, a better future.

Connect a student to Heights

Enroll your child, or refer another student you know. However you get involved, you can help students achieve more.