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Propel Philly students. Volunteer with Heights.


Share your passions, skills, and experiences — and help students discover their own. As a volunteer you can change lives as part of the Heights community.=

How do you want to serve Heights students and community?

Heights volunteers welcome students into their workplaces, help prepare them for professional success, support the college application process, and build Heights’ organizational capacity. Where can your strengths best support Heights students and community? 

This includes networking and professional connections, informational interviews, resume and writing support, college essay and application support, and more. 

From short-term “flash” mentoring to industry-specific pairings, we are looking for a diverse population of volunteers to meaningfully connect with students and support their development. 

Serve as an additional caring and responsible adult in the room as Heights visits high schools, colleges, cultural institutions, and more. Generally requires weekday availability. 

Special project volunteers have the opportunity to connect with our organization in a way that is very impactful, but not directly tied to students. This includes providing feedback and expertise on Heights processes, supporting Heights events, and providing operational support (i.e: supply packing).

How to get involved

Heights volunteers and the ways they serve are varied and impactful. We want to understand your strengths, skills, and experiences to ensure a match for what will have the greatest impact of Heights students. Take the following steps to volunteer: 

  • 01

    Complete the contact form

  • 02

    Outreach from Heights staff to complete Heights volunteer intake form

  • 03

    Meet one-to-one with Heights staff member

  • 04

    Attend Heights Volunteer 101 training, and complete required clearances and mandatory reporter training

Start the volunteer process now.

Help us show Philly youth the opportunities that are out there – and empower them to reach their goals and potential.