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Heights Philadelphia Launches Financial Services & Business Pathway with Inaugural Class of Students from Constitution High School

Ninth and Tenth grade students visit Hirtle, Callaghan & Co. to kickoff financial services curriculum that will  continue through their high school career

Heights Philadelphia (“Heights”) launched its Financial Services & Business Pathway on November 13, 2023 with 30 ninth and tenth grade students from Constitution High School – the first high school to incorporate the dedicated Financial Services & Business Pathway within its school program. Heights offers pathways in five key industries – Life Science, Health Services, Financial Services & Business, Technology, and Human Services – based on the growing needs and trends in Philadelphia. 

To celebrate the launch of this pathway at Constitution, the students visited Hirtle, Callaghan & Co. (“Hirtle Callaghan”) to begin their journey and interest in the financial and business sector.  Students were provided with a high-level overview of the financial sector, as well as a “near-peer” career panel of Hirtle Callaghan employees, and an interactive office tour to learn about the different types of career opportunities available in the industry.  The visit was capped off with a networking lunch. Hirtle Callaghan gifted all students a copy of Stephen Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

“We are so pleased to partner with Principal Dunn-Robb and Constitution High School in creating pathways to meaningful careers in the financial services and business sector.” said Sean E. Vereen, Ed.D., co-president, Heights. “We know students feel empowered when they can see industry professionals who look like them in careers where they dream to be. We hope this inaugural group of students from the Financial Services & Business Pathway will help create real change within the financial sector and propel students to reach their career goals.”

“We have the opportunity to reshape the narrative for our students – and our communities – and it is corporate partners like Hirtle Callaghan that will help our students get there,” said Sara L. Woods, Esq., co-president, Heights. “The insight, mentorship, and hands-on experiences our students receive by meeting with industry professionals send a clear message to our students that they are wanted and needed in these careers. Thank you to Hirtle Callaghan for their continued partnership.”

“Participating in this program can provide Constitution students with practical skills in finance, economics and business management. Our hope is that this program will allow students to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting. It will enhance their skills, expose them to a professional environment and help cultivate their career aspirations. We are grateful for this invaluable collaboration and the overall commitment  to supporting our ongoing mission in providing enriching experiences for our students so that they are ready to be a future engaged citizen,” said Brianna Dunn-Robb, principal, Constitution High School.

Heights’ Career Pathways includes five key components – Curriculum, Career Advising, Experiential Programming, Internships, and Partnerships. Participating students at Constitution High School in the Financial Services & Business Pathway are set to continue their growth throughout their high school careers.  In addition to a curated curriculum and career advising, they will receive monthly mentorship from Black and Brown students at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, experiential learning opportunities, like their visit to Hirtle Callaghan, as well as internship opportunities that will help further career paths in sectors where Black, Brown and First-Generation professionals are typically underrepresented. 

In 2022, Hirtle Callaghan committed $1 million as Heights Founding Inveniam Equity Partner in Financial Services, sending a clear message to the financial services industry that change will not happen without risk, innovation, and long-term dedication to creating pathways for students typically overlooked for professional opportunities, especially Black, Brown and First-Generation scholars.

“As a committed Heights partner, Hirtle Callaghan has mentored and offered real industry experience to 11 college students since 2021 through Heights Inveniam Equity internship program,” said Hirtle Callaghan Managing Director Garrett Wilson. “Two of the students who participated in the internship program now are full time employees at our firm.  This is our first engagement with Heights’ high school students, and we are thrilled to see programmatic focus in the financial sector grow. We hope that the students’ experience at Hirtle Callaghan’s headquarters will continue to empower and fuel curiosity in the financial services sector. Together with Heights, we can build bridges to success and create a better Philadelphia for all.” 

For more information about Heights Philadelphia and its Career Pathway Programs, please visit Heights.org