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Your career: Empowering students to find their path


Join an exciting, results-focused organization making a real impact with Philadelphia youth. At Heights, we’re seeking creative and dedicated job candidates who can connect and coordinate with students, institutions, and nonprofits alike.

If you’re solutions-oriented, familiar with college and career preparation, and passionate about helping students, apply for one of our available positions today.

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A culture of support

We love students.

Students and their families are why we exist. Their voices, talents, and dignity are prioritized and valued in everything we do.

We do what we say we will do.

We pursue ambitious goals and hold ourselves to high standards.

We are lifelong learners.

We evaluate and innovate our approach based on data, and in response to the needs of our students and city. We engage, reflect, and learn.

We succeed together.

We build relationships with kindness and respect. We do our work through the transformative power of collaboration.

We invest in students to make a better Philadelphia for everyone.

We push ourselves and those around us to realize educational and economic equity for all of Philadelphia’s students.

Further their journeys. Join Heights today.

Help empower Philadelphia youth to see new possibilities ⎯ and make them a reality.